The legendary leg spinner of Pakistan Abdul Qadir has advised Shahid Afridi to quit cricket for good in view of his recent performance. He admonished Umar Akmal for showing reckless attitude leading to the loss of his place in the national team.  Qadir is an outspoken critic and believes to speak his mind off. In an event in Lahore, he retorted that the time of Afridi is long gone and he should retire from the national team. Form of the former captain is nothing to write home about as his incisiveness with leg spin also abated in recent times.

The wily cricketer was equally scathing on Ahmed Shahzaad and Umar Akmal who is also coincidentally his son in law. According to him, the former is an actor while the latter’s attitude resulted in the loss of place for the squad visiting England. Umar Akmal has been at the center of the storm of controversies as people doubted his dedication as well as focus towards the national cricket team. Extremely talented wicket keeper has been in the thick of the things with allegations of him throwing the wickets at the critical moments.

Qadir was blistering in his attack on the nepotism prevalent in the Pakistani sports along with the cricket board. He claimed that majority of appointments in the cricket administration are political and they reek of favoritism with incompetent people at the helm. Leg spinner alleged that even the appointment of Najam Sethi in the executive committee of PCB was due to camaraderie with PM Nawaz shareef. Knee jerk reactions of the Pakistan cricket association in recent times have given ample evidence that the establishment lacks direction and vision. Qadir tore into the miserable performance of the Pakistan team in recent times.

In the interview, he maintained that PCB should appoint Pakistani coach and not hire foreigners. Qadir pointed out that the best person to train the Pakistan cricket team was Sir Vivian Richards who was also regarded as an epitome of inspiration. There are many local coaches in Pakistan with tons of experience of playing cricket not only at the national but international level. The legend was of the view that complete overhauling of the system only could save Pakistan cricket.

According to him, Induction of Inzamam Ul Haq as the chief selector brings positivity in Pakistan cricket. He opined that the champion batsman of yester years could make a difference provided that the autocratic culture of the board allowed him to work with freedom. Qadir hoped that INZY would have pondered upon the decision to reply in affirmative or else the whole process would become an exercise in futility.

Majority of people before the appointment of Inzamam had been offered the position of the chief selector nevertheless they decline the post due to unnecessary interferences from the political circles. Players who accepted the position in the selection committee were transformed into mundane mouth pieces of the establishment with no power to act independently. The ad hoc approach was sadly evident in the team falling to the nadir in ODI rankings.

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Boom Boom Leave cricket in perpetuity: Abdul Qadir
Pakistan cricket legend, Abdul Qadir, has advised Shahid Afridi to quit cricket.
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